Friday, March 20, 2009

Possible programs for UNICEF PEACE TOUR 2009

We are going to perform at the Erasmus Huis Concert Hall (The Dutch Cultural Center
at the center of town, in Jakarta, near all of the Embassies and International expats).
Yayasan Musik Internasional (International Music Foundation of Jakarta) is our
generous host for the concert event. We will also perform master classes for this
organization, and possibly doing some outreach events.

This concert / tour will be a "UNICEF Peace Tour 2009": meaning, we will give
the proceeds directly towards UNICEF Indonesia, to foster relationship and friendship
between different countries and culture, and to help each other around the world.

For the program..... hmmm... FOR SURE, we will finally bring Ananda Sukarlan's
"Love and Variations" for soprano, baritone, and piano (written for us, Swara Sonora
trio a year ago). We were brainstorming for music and thematic possibilities, especially
for the soprano-baritone-piano combination.

We'll have a suite by Virgil Thompson (American composer), Joaquin Rodrigo (Spanish), some
Broadway Musicals / tunes of Bernstein, Rogers-Hammerstein, etc. and of course
glorious art songs of Schubert, Purcell, etc. etc.

We have not found a piece by a French composer. Hopefully some Poulenc, maybe?
Kathryn and Nathan mentioned in our meeting today that there might be some interesting
pieces by Poulenc for the soprano-baritone-piano combination.

We're still thinking about all the possibilities, so keep in tune with our progress!!
Additionally, there might be a surprise in terms of concert paraphrase... on some
"local" melodies.

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