Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tickets Purchased!

Well, Swara Sonora is really going to Indonesia now. We still have some funds to raise for our Peace Tour benefiting UNICEF, but our new fundraising campaigns are going well, we have enough money in our Fractured Atlas account to cover plane tickets, and it seemed like time to take the plunge and buy them.

On Monday we met at Bentley's coffee house to peruse travel sites and search for the best price and itinerary for our flights to Indonesia. We find that we're very productive in coffee shops - in fact I've joked that we should give honorary tour sponsorships to the various independent local business (Ike's, Beyond Bread, and Bentley's) where we frequently meet.

After two hours of searching, we purchased our tickets from LAX to Jakarta on Cathay Pacific airlines. We'll be gone July 28-August 17. Now it seems real, and we're getting incredibly excited. Stay tuned to the blog for more details on what we'll be doing in Java and Bali from July 28 to August 17!

Kathryn and Aryo show off the flight confirmation screen from Cathay

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