Friday, July 31, 2009

Peace Tour Day 1

We arrived in Jakarta safely yesterday, after a long but enjoyable flight. We celebrated Aryo's birthday in the evening with a family dinner with his mother and aunt Linda. It was Nathan's and my first Indonesian food, and we can't wait to eat more of it.

Our first full day of the Peace Tour began with a press conference with the Indonesian media. They seemed very interested in our project and we hope we'll get some good press (and the post-conference dim sum was delicious and plentiful, too).

In the afternoon we met our hosts at Yayasan Musik Internasional, the pre-college conservatory that has organized our big Asian debut concert at Erasmus Huis next Friday. We also had our first practice session, and despite jet lag we're still in good form.

We also stopped by Jakarta Conservatory of Musik to meet the dean and the staff and make arrangements for our master class there on Tuesday. We just finished eating the leftover dim sum and will head to bed early to rest up for the exciting and busy days ahead!

Swara Sonora takes care of business during a quiet moment.

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Laura Jette said...

dim sum yum!!!