Thursday, August 6, 2009

Contest rules update

Hey friends - thanks for all your wonderful comments on our blog. The blog comment contest is off with a bang!

Here are a couple updates to the contest rules:

1. Members of the Swara Sonora Trio are not eligible to win, though they may make comments on the blog (nice try, Nate!).

2. If the winner selected on August 22 resides in Indonesia, we will send said winner a fabulous American prize, as that may be more exciting than a fabulous Indonesian prize.


Keep the comments coming! Remember, the more times you comment, the greater your chances of winning...


Anonymous said...

As for new rule # 1) How about family members. Are they also disqualified?

Kathryn said...

No, family members are most certainly encouraged to compete! :)

christopher jette said...

The rules are changing, I feel destabilized, this is great.