Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Indonesian Friends!

With the help of Aryo's mother Erni we've been running a 100 Indonesian Friends campaign parallel to our 100 Friends Campaign back home - the goal is to have 100 friends in Indonesia give 100,000 Rp. each ($10) to support the UNICEF Indonesia Country Office.

Although I won't be able to edit the list on our website until I get back to my computer in Tucson, we've doubled our number of Indonesian Friends since arriving in Jakarta a week ago. We now have 20 Indonesian Friends, and $645 raised. Here are the additions to our list of 100 Indonesian Friends:

Siswo Utomo
Audrey Siswo Utomo
Stenike Siswo Utomo
Aziza Nuraini
Prabowo Trisno Edhie
Narendra Wiku Respati
Rekian Ratri Amara Viti
Linda Yulietta
Ratna Sylvia
Kresna Partogi Hutabarat

Thanks to all! Anyone else in Indonesia interested in helping out can contact Ms. Erni Kolopaking at

And our 100 Friends Campaign in the US is still active - you can donate online with your credit card through the 100 Friends page.

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Joel said...

This is really impressive. All the different ways you've brought people together through your music is great.