Sunday, August 9, 2009

METRO-TV: Morning Talk Show Interview

Dear all:
Since I don't have all the pictures (Kathryn and Nathan are the masters of that), I will put a simpler text version.

This is a late posting of a blog - for last Friday, August 7th, 2009.

On Friday morning, I was picked up at the hotel in Jakarta at 5 AM (just like Ananda's Glass Conservatory Song... " 5 AM.....") by a METRO-TV staff to come and join them for their 7 AM English Language News broadcast. The trip lasted only for 15 minutes because it's early and there was hardly any cars on the street. Sigh, if only Jakarta is like that all the time.

I arrived there, waited at their great green room for 1.5 hours and had some crackers and tea. I met another person who was going to be interviewed in the next morning talk show (in Chinese....). He's a Thai artist / athlete and he was nice. Didn't get to know him further.

Then onwards to the interview. It was fun, in their nice, clean, neat studio. It was about 10 minutes or so (and I had to get up at 5 AM for that, ON THE DAY of the concert debut).
The interview ranged from my musical backgrounds, musical influences, career,
and also the Swara Sonora Trio's beginnings, and also our involvement with UNICEF
Immunization Fund-Raising program.

The interviewer was fun, and warm, and he had a very nice and clean British accent
(he's Indonesian). Additionally, I also mentioned how Swara Sonora Trio met, as a team teaching OMA (Opening Minds through the Arts - and also that we loved teaching and integrating music-arts into our activities and to other interdisciplinary program.

I will post this interview clip (after I get a DVD copy from the TV station) on youtube or
facebook. Thank you very much METRO-TV!! You've done great things for the community
throughout SouthEast Asia, in Indonesia, through your great and wide-ranging, and varied programming !


George said...

Looking forward to seeing the interview, Aryo!

Tim said...

Aryo- a TV personality. Who would have guessed? Next stop the Today Show in NYC.

Mark said...

See the interview on youtube yet?