Sunday, August 9, 2009

EXCITED: Jogja Debut TODAY - Wonderful Hall

Tonight, Monday, August 10th, 2009, at 7.30 PM, we will be making our Jogja Debut at the newly inaugurated Jogja Conservatory (ISI) Hall. Great hall, wonderful building, with good acoustics, and good piano!!

We had a great rehearsal yesterday afternon. I'll be rehearsing a bit more this morning, just for my own personal practice (fingers won't just run by itself) and then get some rest. Kathryn and Nathan will post more blogs and pictures from yesterday's rehearsal.

Additionally, Kathryn and Nathan visited Prambanan Temple (where they attended Ramayana Traditional Dance performance) and also the famed Borobudur Temple - one of the 7 (or 8)wonders of the world.

We'll keep you posted. Wish us luck today... we're having positive vibes about this and feel very much rested, relaxed, and just inspired. Jogja is such a beautiful, and serene (that's the word.... serene) place for artistic endeavors, practicing, music making, etc.

Tomorrow we will have a separate piano and voice masterclass for the students of Jogjakarta Conservatory ... at 9 AM.

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