Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes!!! Finally, we, Swara Sonora Trio, were able to meet Maestro Ananda Sukarlan himself. He is the one who wrote "Love and Variations" piece for us. He was so kind and generous to go directly a day after his Opera premiere in Jogjakarta to Surabaya.

He took the late afternoon flight to Surabaya, went straight to the ShangRi-La Balroom Hotel from the airport and was able to attend our performance. He was very nice, courteous, and complimentary. We took pictures with him too, and also with Surabaya UNICEF Representative, Ibu Agnes!

Fun day / debut concert in Surabaya: sold out hall (all 1,200 of the ShangRi-La Balroom seats were filled), good music making, fun new friends, and then meeting Maestro Sukarlan.

Pics to follow soon!!

And don't forget to see Kathryn's latest, and last gown..... (the pics).


Joan said...

All-right, Kathryn, where are the pictures? And, how are you going to get all those gowns home? Joan

Mark said...

Don't forget to bring some yummy food back too!