Sunday, August 16, 2009

Julia Roberts.... oh Bali.....

Dear all:

We are so sad that we have to leave the Paradise..... leaving the beautiful Bali with all of the great Rotary Club Bali Taman 3400 organizers. We had a great time, thank you for all the music making, great hospitality, great dinner, showing around (personal tours, etc.).

Thanks for Yamaha Bali (personally, from me) for giving such a wonderful, well-tuned and well-voiced piano for the concert. I rarely say about good pianos on tour, but they were great!!

What else.... oh yeah.... Apparently we were visiting places and hotels (even stayed at one - pro bono) where Ms. Julia Roberts will come in November to Bali to shoot her new film (based on a book.... that Kathryn is reading now...... Eat-Pray-Love ?? ...).

Hahah... we beat Ms. Roberts by a few months ;-) Sanur, Ubud, etc. etc.
Thanks to two hotels that I truly recommend for honeymoon and private secluded vacation.

Blue Fin Villas:
The Payogan Villa in Ubud:

Great hosts, great food, great hospitality...... and if you want to trace Julia Roberts' steps for her latest movie :-)

We joked that Kathryn should've stayed a few months later so that when J.R. is indisposed, she could've stepped in ;-)

Greetings from Surabaya!! It was fun times at Paradise... but alas we have to get back to the real world. But we'll have lots of fun in Surabaya, performing AND teaching!! Pictures will come soon tonight!

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