Monday, August 3, 2009

Old Acquaintance: Slamet Abdul Sjukur

It was a great meeting at Salihara... I was able to see Prof. Dieter Mack (saw him 18 yrs ago or so in Surabaya, for the premiere of Stockhausen's "Kontakte" by him and the late pianist Hansjoerg Koch).... AND... my former composition teacher, Slamet Abdul Sjukur.

Fun meeting, fond memories, and he's still as humorous, optimistic, and cheerful as ever. He complimented on Kathryn's Indonesian... which he said was better than his English. I was very glad to meet him again and we look forward to seeing him at our debut concert THIS FRIDAY, August 7, 2009, at 7.30 PM at Erasmus Huis Jakarta.

Hopefully we'll chat some more with him and talk about music, and other things.
Tomorrow will be a great day, filled with listening to joyful music from students at
the Jakarta Conservatory of Music.

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Judy said...

Hi Kathryn, Nathan and Aryo,

Have been following your blogs plus e-mails from Aryo. I will have so many questions when you get back; for instance how and why did you get so lucky to play in a home that has seven pianos? Also have been following news on TV and paper to be sure you are all safe.

Judy Thompson