Saturday, August 8, 2009

Successful Debut Concert!

We are happy to report that our debut concert on Friday night was a tremendous success! We had a great turnout and many of our new Indonesian friends came out to see and support us.

Members of the diplomatic community were present, and most importantly, Angela Kearney (above photo), the UNICEF Country Office Representative, gave a wonderful opening speech and showed full support towards our cause.

We came early to warm up at the hall, tried on our beautiful matching blue batik outfits (as you can see on the pics), and then had a snack. Our page turner was wonderful, the UNICEF staff was on hand to set up their booth, and the entire ERASMUS HUIS staff were very supportive.

We were excited to announce that we raised $1,500 (plus all of future proceeds from our concerts here in Indonesia, and the money contributed from our Indonesian 100 Friends!) Check out the cool check banner that Kathryn designed!

We had a fantastic turnout. The audience consisted of our masterclass students, Singaporean and Malaysian diplomatic representatives, music teachers and leading musical figures in Jakarta, and even some people as far away as from Argentina.

We could not celebrate long because we had to get back to the hotel to rest and pack for our 4 AM wake up call. We had to be at the airport for our 6 AM flight to Jogjakarta.

More stories from our first two days in Jogjakarta will follow! Stay tuned to our blog, and keep the comments coming!


George said...

Love the shirts! I want one!!

Glad to hear your concert went so well, but then I knew it would.

Keep the photos and reports coming -- we love sharing your experience vicariously from the other side of the world.

Mark said...

Congratulations on the concert. The clothes look great.

NC Nathan said...

Congratulations...and great outfits!

Tim said...

Beautiful dress Kathryn. Complements perfectly you handsome men. Bravo! Indonesian World Premier of SST!

Harold said...

Warmest, heartfelt congratulations from me and all here in Wisconsin. Hello from Uncle Bob and Joan. Nathan, a wonderful achievement for which I am and your mother would be so proud. What great pictures and stories. Aryo is quite the story-teller!! Yes, and I too want a shirt!!